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PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO, ADVERTISING,MARKETING & SALES I treat what I do as an art form. I am not here to compete with the other photographers & videographers , whose skills exceed mine. I am here for those who like my work and would not mind a pic or two of mine in their port. After a few years in the business, Freshflickz.net has not only been number one in its target market in terms of traffic and overall visibility, but it continues to grow everyday and even has the ability to cover large events in other bigger cities. 

Freshflickz has been up and down the east coast, from Philly, A.T.L to Miami and almost everywhere in between that, not only just Philadelphia. They have their photos featured in several magazine publications as well as on some major internet websites. ''we like to personally thank everyone for all of the support since day one! we will continue to raise the bar and keep you entertained, informed one Fresh Flick at a time!"

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